Mini magical grove
A small grove of about 50 sqm that frames a cast platform to add more vegetation, shade and intimate spatial variety to the preschool yard.

Robust shrubs and trees that will withstand play and contribute with strong seasonal characters and colours: black elderberry, white lilac, purple willow, rosemary-leaved willow, willow 'Flame', rowan 'Birgitta', rowan 'Astrid', rowan 'Rosmari' and white rowan as well as juniper. Children were involved during planting, in watering and planting spring bulbs - wood hyacinths.

We have chosen not to have any fence protection, but instead let the children get close to the plants from time to time by watering or gathering on the platform. In a few years, they can play more freely in the grove.

Location: Mosslelunds preschool, Värnamo 2022

Commissioned by the City of Värnamo

Thanks to Anja Henningsson for plant consultations. 


Photo: Herrljunga Terrazzo