Harpefoss Hotell I

Byggstudio is developing a new visual identity and wayfinding for the art centre Harpefoss Hotell in Gudbrandsdalen as well as design of the environment in the surroundings of Harpefoss, using local stone walling- and wood carving techniques mixed with a new design inspired by the landscape: the architecture of the old house, the rocks, the rapid and the forest.

As a part of the process of creating wayfinding and shaping the landscape of the surrounding park, we made an open 3-day dry stone walling workshop together with Chris Millar and Eivind Slettemås, trying out local sandstone and slate as possible elements of wayfinding, together with the participants. The process will continue when the ice melts in spring 2020.

Graphic design in collaboration with Moa Pårup. Stone walling with Chris Millar. Commissioned in 2019.