Hallands Konstmuseum
Commission for the new building at Hallands Konstmuseum in Halmstad 2019. 


The wall panel in the new auditorium has been designed in wood from Halland with inspiration from patterns on wooden objects from the museum's collections (cabinets, boxes, utensils). The decoration represents the nature and cultural landscape of the region of Halland. The panel is made of birch and ash and the wave pattern that the boards form is taken from a straw box. The carved and wooden inlay patterns on the trees come from decorated wooden objects in the collection such as cabinets, boxes and implements such as linen crochet, sling knife, flapper, planer and mangelon.

The trees are made in different types of wood from Anders Ölund's large wood collection in Ränneslöv and come from trees throughout Halland. Some types of wood come from well-known places such as the elm root of St. Nikolai church in Halmstad and the hearts in intarsia in golden rain wood from the old four-guard residence at Grimsholmen south of Falkenberg. The tree with round intarsia inserts (in plum and birch) is made from oak from the parsonage in Hasslöv, probably planted by Per Osbeck, one of Linnaeus' disciples in the 18th century.

Material: Birch, ash, book, maple, oak, plum, betula pendula, laburnum, linden, alder root, elm, pine. 

Wood work: Brynjulf Krokstad

Curator and furniture design: Jenny Nordberg


Photo by Jenny Nordberg

Photo by Jenny Nordberg

Photo by Jan Svensson

Selected wood pieces from Anders Ölund in Ränneslöv.