Strandhugg/Beach furniture
The beach in Skummeslövsstrand, Halland is a place where many different needs around the landscape meet and are met. Strandhugg is a project initiated by Byggstudio in 2021 aiming to explore how the conflicted beach area can be socially developed, by inviting three architecture/design practices to design meeting place prototypes along the beach. 

The furniture/objects by architects Everyday Studio (DK), Rintala Eggertsson (NO) and designer Jenny Nordberg (SE) is made for, with and by the beach and relates in different ways to the changing landscape. 

We wanted to try to create some meeting places on the long beach that simultaneously encourage the use of the heath edge and the beach and/or relate to it in different ways, both in terms of form and function. The moor and moor edge that many love it today was originally formed through work, through a use and certain wear and tear of the landscape a long time ago. In order to maintain the open moorland with sand pits, the area needs to be used or regularly maintained. We think it is interesting to think about how in different ways, social or playful, you can encourage more use and maintenance at the same time.

During the summer of 2022, the furniture provided additions that may expand the use and conversations around the place. 

Thanks to IASPIS, Laholms kommun, Svensk-danska kulturfonden, Nordisk kulturkontakt, Nordisk kulturfond and Kulturrådet for financial support. 

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Photo by Lotten Pålsson


Armadillo by Rintala Eggertsson architects

Strandrullen by Everyday Studio

Drifters by Jenny Nordberg