Clay workshop in Hage
Workshop with 4-5 year olds at Solbjer preschool in Lund as part of the series PLAY & RESEARCH at Hage in the urban development area Råängen in Lund, Sweden.

We invited a group of local children to construct water vessels from local clay in collaboration with the ceramicist Pernilla Norrman in September 2022. Fountains/water mirrors are a traditional element of cloister gardens and walled gardens. Making clay vessels with the children was a way to develop the space together by using traditional materials connected to the landscape within the landscape. 

Råängen is an art & architecture programme for a new neighbourhood in Lund, Sweden run by Lund Cathedral + White Arkitekter. The Hage space is designed by Brendeland & Kristoffersen architects. Graphic design by Lisa Olausson