Fountain workshop in Hage
Workshop with year 4 at Östratornsskolan in Lund as part of the series PLAY & RESEARCH at Hage in the urban development area Råängen in Lund, Sweden.

We invited students at a nearby school to construct solar-powered fountains with us during two science classes in September 2022. The solar panel system was engineered by Giacomo Aliboni and Gabriele Gonzales from Lund University/Xlab and can charge about ten small fountains. 

Fountains/water mirrors are a traditional element of cloister gardens and walled gardens. Making fountains with the children was a way to develop the space together by using traditional elements connected with new technology, playing with water and at the same time reflect upon its historical technologies, usage and design. Thanks to science teacher Annette Lyckelinge and all pupils! 

Råängen is an art & architecture programme for a new neighbourhood in Lund, Sweden run by Lund Cathedral + White Arkitekter. The Hage space is designed by Brendeland & Kristoffersen architects. Graphic design by Lisa Olausson