Layers of rock
Public commission for the newly built Skytteskolan in Högsbo, Göteborg (2021). Interior pillar ”I berget, i närheten” (In the rock, nearby) made in cast terrazzo and local mineral rocks.


The quarry of Högsbo was operative from 1945-50 and geologists have found more than 25 different minerals in the quarry, amongst others the rare mineral Monazit. Main minerals extracted were Quartz and Feldspar used for making porcelain at the Rörstrand factory. 

As part of Skytteskolan´s pedagogics they often use the local environment and nature as a starting point. The layers of the pillar with its hidden mineral stones could hopefully generate even more conversations on the historical layers of the local landscape. 

The design and choice of colors is made to blend into the existing interior as many students with special needs require a calm visual environment. Cast by Herrljunga Terrazzo.


Photo by Mariette Svensson

Fluorite and quartz rock.

Photo by Mariette Svensson

Photo by Mariette Svensson

Högsbo quarry.

Fluorite rock.

Monazite rock.

Photo by Mariette Svensson

Skytteskolan. Photo by Mariette Svensson