Venice Architecture Biennale 2010
Byggstudio´s one-week exhibition was a part of At Work With in the Nordic pavilion during the Architecture Biennale of Venice 2010. 

We made a kind of interactive garden, in which the visitors could rearrange different species of plants according to certain cultural parameters such as public/private, gender, type of building and high/low status. These would change daily, giving rise to the formation of graphs, fields, ranking lists, and associative combinations, all manifested within the greenery, demonstrating the social relationships between architecture, people and plants.

Illustration by Maja Sten from the Tree Map. 

Link to blog here. 

"At Work With is a project focusing on architecture as practise. Initiated by Economy (Tor Lindstrand) and Testbedstudio (Anders Johansson and Erik Wingquist), it takes the form of an office environment with a residency program during the three months in the Nordic Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. At Work With is conceived as a workspace for seminars, screenings, discussions, displays, practices, projects, meetings, modelling, projections, provocations, interactions, broadcasts, dreams, cooking and whims. Constructed as a continuous staging of meetings between practitioners and visitors, it is a working office as well as a social meeting point that emphasizes exchange and conversations about architecture. The project was commissioned by the Swedish Museum of Architecture (ArkDes)."