Kristiansand Kunsthall
When Kristiansand Kunsthall transformed from Christiansand kunstforening into a contemporary art centre they asked us to create a new identity. The aim is to give the art centre a clear and welcoming voice. The identity design focuses on the location and the characteristic building drawn by the architects 4B in 1978. The square as a geometric form is the basis for the city of Kristiansand's urban plan, as well as for the tiles and internal grid of the building.

A tilted square is the key element in the identity and influences the formats and proportions. The colours green and blue are used as a contrast to the building's red and brown. The building's structuralist architecture inspired the use of the metal grid in the signage system.

Laquered aluminium signs, metal grid and magnetic letters.


The signage-wall in the art centre's entrance

The smaller signage-wall in the art centre's reception

The signage in the kunsthall reception

Flexible programme board with magnetic letters

Laquered metal letters forming the logo


Posters hung up with custom-made magnets

Free-standing sign